Twenty-Five Years and Counting

One look in your eyes was all it took and I knew.
Two is how many times I did tell you I do.
Three is the number of wee lives we sprung anew.
Four is how many siblings we are akin to.
Five was the days from birthday to marrying you.

Six was the year that my mother was departing.
Seven is the year we almost saw an ending.
Eight was how many hours you spent pushing.
Nine churches we have been members at worshipping.
Ten is the year that your grandma we were losing.

Eleven is the year that I spent being unemployed.
Twelfth year falling out a window our son almost died.
Thirteen is the number of places we have lived.
Fourteen is how many vehicles we have owned.
Fifteen was the year a homeless family we saved.

Sixteenth year I almost slipped into forever.
Seventeen jobs I worked since we got together.
Eighteenth year work split us apart to our displeasure.
Nineteenth year we lead as my grandfather wither.
Twenty years living the apartment adventure.

Twenty-One is the age of our oldest baby.
Twenty-Second year our eldest to college did flee.
Twenty-Third year saw my dad from suffering be free.
Twenty-Four years since to Jesus we bowed the knee.
Twenty-Five years and counting of marital glee.

– Written for my amazing wife Vicky!


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