Healing Prayer

My dear I hear tell by both the wind and the air
That thy health has been attacked and you aren’t so fair
News striking my heart and echoing this to share
All of heaven has joined me in a healing prayer

Praying that thy flesh would bend to the will of God
That leaves one dancing in the night not laid out flawed
Leaping and twirling to a rhythm all will applaud
As the almighty name of God you lift and laud 

Know that this healing is but a mere breath away
And this pain’s time has been measured and will not stay
The enemy of your soul has become the prey
And he has neigh the strength to stand the light of day

Hold on threw what seems like night for cometh the morn
With joy bursting forth just as the Lord has fore sworn
And great will be the words that your tongue will adorn
For a fresh testimony in you being born

Be strong and courageous great is His love for thee
Knowing many have stopped and take a bended knee
With one purpose and one accord we all agree
To be witness to your great and quick victory

– Personalized and send to my good friend Jaime
– While praying for you I was compelled and inspired to pen this little encouragement for you. Know I along with a great cloud of witness hear and in heaven are praying for your healing!!


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