Servant of the King

A dark silhouette appeared crossing the skyline
Sporting strange glowing fur inlaid with a gold shine
Strikingly scorched face that was cold and dark and fine
Stampeding on all fours like a mammoth bovine

An ancient enemy coming to steal one’s soul
And if it be possible swallow someone whole
He had been vanquished before and dropped in a hole
Brazenly returning focused on his new goal

A lookout manning his post discovered this sight
Catching him by surprising it gave him a fright
To sound the alarm was the duty of this Knight
But cowering he hid afraid of the beast’s bite

The city watch guarding from their post at the gate
As the creature didn’t waver but cut a path straight
Barreling toward them like a train full of freight
They deserted their post sealing the people’s fate

Entering the beast sauntered toward the town square
Abandoned the villagers didn’t have a prayer
Milling about blinded to this waking nightmare
Happily the creature growled giving them a scare

Reveling the monster gave a snarl and a snort
Continuing his trek toward the royal court
Finding the king surrounded by a guarded fort
Surprisingly the beast’s mission none could abort

His highness grabbed his sword and readied for a fight
At once a man appeared from somewhere out of sight
Clothed in armor brandishing a shield like a knight
Drawing his blade before the beast ready to smite

Roaring the fiend struck fear in the heart of many
Undaunted the man advanced all the more ready
Lunging at the beast while keeping his shield steady
Striking like a man whose skill was legendary

For the first time since appearing the beast was scared
Advancing the man’s intentions soundly declared
Retreating the creature stumbled as his eyes flared
Relentlessly the man pressed not a moment spared

Strike by strike blow by blow the man pressed an advance
Falling back the beast seemed almost lost in a trance
Having given not mind to a defensive stance
As so sure was he that the king didn’t have a chance

Assuredly the king had fore thought of a plan
One that repelled an attack when most would have ran
One that had included this little known fierce man
Who was driving this beast back to where he began

Passing through the gate the man and beast still entwined
The man constantly striking pressing the hardline
The creature refusing to concede or resign
The last blow sent the beast back over the skyline

The people completely shocked at all they had eyed
How one man could so valiantly alter the tide
Who was this man who saved us the villagers pried
I am just a servant of the king he replied

– Written while learning about an armor bearer and how they are to serve the king


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