The Man at the Lake

Divinely inspired vision sprawled out before me
Mountains rising tall and stout encompassing thee
The deepest blue lake as still as a crystal sea
Besieged by large green armies made of grass and tree

Luminous white drizzle topped darkened mountain peaks
Blue ice crystals danced and glazed up and down my cheeks
Brightly falling snow magically warmed my physique
Magnificence so great it was beyond critique

Blazing warm yellow light drew me to the near shore
Where stood a man adorned not like one rich or poor
Seasoned royal plum gilded robe is what he wore
Working quite focused and swift he labored his chore

He was a stranger and yet so much one I knew
Like this place that was so familiar and yet new
Peering over his shoulder his gaze shot right through
Captured my soul dividing what was right and true

Drawn to this man as he beckoned for us to meet
Heart racing with suddenly paralyzed two feet
Glancing at his face a warm glow pierced my defeat
As his lightning sharp smile was welcoming and sweet

Stumbling and shambling I joined the man by the fire
Returning his gaze upon the dancing red pyre
Joy draining from his contenence replaced with dire
Puzzling silence gripped my soul standing in the mire

A single black piece of coal laid upon the flame
Bewildering confusion as what was his aim
Burn wood to light coal was a mysterious game
Pryingly I just had to know what was his claim

Brazenly I pressed and thought this puzzle I solved
The embers burning symbolized an act of God
On coals representing a soul newly resolved
Redeeming love through Jesus Christ whom they now laud

The man’s half crooked smile revealed I was not right
That the coals and the fire were not causing his plight
Pain so deep it had him laboring through the night
Battling to vanquish the vile evil of this blight

Rippling pain embraced him as he began to cry
Inquiring I pressed for the reason as to why
Silently directing me to the lake to spy
I watched the embers of a coal grow cold and die

The answer brought more confusion than clarity
Dowsing flames seemed what one expected from the sea
Yearning deep inside pulled my heart and saddened me
Clearly there was more going on than I could see

Quickly grabbing my hand he lifted us to flight
Sailing higher and higher deep in the blue night
Calming peace replaced fear as we rose to great height
Till all was as clear as a single painted sight

Pointing to the lake the man my attention drew
Watching every piece of coal at once from this view
Giving me great sadness as I finally knew
Darkening of coals happened to more than a few

The lake once blue had been lit a red orange blaze
Was rapidly turning black like the new moon phase
Those once set on fire losing the breath in their praise
A self centered wickedness now filling their days

Looking back at the man with my now tear stained eyes
Understanding his swift labor and why he cries
Speaking he challenged that I had now become wise
Would I help ignite coals or become one who dies

– Written from a vision that God had given me about how many are growing cold and that he was challenging us to change that


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