God Is Clearing the Past and Giving a Clean Slate

Today during worship, God showed me a vision. Initially it was a vision of a match three game (for you old schoolers, think a tetris like game) and then used this game to show me how I have been letting my past hold me back. Allow me to illustrate.

In a match three game, the player swaps two elements in the grid of play which usually starts out small like an eight by eight grid and eventually as you progress gets bigger and bigger. If after the player swaps the two pieces, there exists a match of at least three elements, then the elements are removed. If after the swap there does not exist a match of at least three in any direction except diagonal, then the swapped pieces return to their positions and no elements are removed. Once an element is removed for any reason, the remaining pieces drop (usually down but some times up depending on the game) and new pieces are back filled in from the top with random selection what those pieces are. The game usually has some sort of condition for winning like making a preset number of matches of a specific color. Some times it can having a specific piece(s) drop to the bottom of the board. Depending on the game, some times the matches provide other game advancing bonuses like attacking a monster. Whatever the case, making a match even though the board back fills, making matches advances the game progression.

But what if the elements were not just objects like candy or jewels or bricks but represented elements of one’s past. And what if the game board was not on a computer or tablet or phone but in one’s heart where each of these elements of the past are weighing the heart down. These could be things like words that have negatively impacted them, or actions that have caused physical as well as mental harm, or a friend who betrayed them, or a parent the tore them down instead of building them up. Whatever the elements are they are weighing down the heart and the person who is playing with these pieces can often be working feverishly, often in their own mind, to remove the stain of these elements on their mind, heart, attitude, and many other parts of their character.

Now an advanced player at a match three game, will attempt to line up chain reactions with matches because they usually advance the game. A chain reaction occurs when after the initial match is made the pieces drop in place another match of three or more exists and is then removed. If the player is good enough (and lucky enough) they can often line up several links to occur in a single chain reaction clearing out a lot of the board with one move. At other times, an unexpected block occurs. An unexpected block happens when after the initial match and the drop an unexpected match of three or more is created that once removed and dropped breaks the expected chain of two or more chains. Yes, elements are remove, but not near as many as the player expected nor the way they expected and these can be frustrating.

Returning to the concept of the game in a person’s heart. People often work hard to try and put the past behind them or out of their mind. Some are successful but many struggle day in and day out. Making matches and seeing something temporarily removed only to have their heart filled again. On top of all of this, we have an enemy to our soul who is working to create an unexpected block on every single chain reaction to frustrate and discourage the person who is working so hard. This has the affect of making the person want to stop playing and give up on life. This is the goal of the enemy.

There exists is many match three games a perfect match. A perfect match is one that sets off either a special move or a chain reaction that clears the entire board often causing the player to win that level all at once. In the Willy Wonka match three game it is obtaining two everlasting gobstopper and matching them together which instantly clears the entire board. It is extremely rare but intensely satisfying when this happens.

God was showing me that in the heart game of the past, there exists one move that will not only clear the board of the past but keep it clear and provide a clean slate for the person. That one move can be different for each person. For some it is accepting Jesus for the first time in their life. For others it could be just believing that God has made them worthy of all the blessings that God wants to give. For others it could be healing from physical scars of the past. Whatever it is, the perfect move is to follow whatever God is speaking to you or if you feel he isn’t speaking just totally surrendering to Jesus.

Back to me and how this relates to me. God spoke a word to me which I will share when I am ready. But ever since he spoke that word, my mind and heart have filled up with all the issues of the past surrounding this one word that have tried to choke out what God wants for me and my future. I have fought against these elements from the past but it has been exhausting and there are many times I want to give up. Today God was telling me that if I completely surrendered all those past failures to him that he would give me a clean slate and from there I would have nothing in the way of following after what God has spoken to me. So I raised my hands during the worship song and I could feel like blocks falling off of my arms and instantly I knew it was those elements of the past being broken off of the board breaking through all of the things that were weighing me down and opening the door to the future. Praise God.

I felt like sharing this because I believe that there are others out there who are weighed down by their past and God wants to give breakthrough by clearing your board and provide a clean slate. He only asks that you listen to whatever he is asking you to do and step out in faith. And if you are not hearing him ask you anything then just surrender yourself to Jesus giving him everything and God will meet you where you are and give you a clean slate also.

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