Say I Won’t

I’m gonna run .. No, I’m gonna fly

I’m gonna know what it means to live .. And not just be alive

The world’s gonna hear .. ‘Cause I’m gonna shout

And I will be dancing when circumstances drown the music out

Say I won’t

One hundred and seventeen days ago God spoke one word to me … RUN. I knew he didn’t mean right that second but that he wanted me to work to get to a place where I will run. I have begun exercising and eating right and down ten pounds already (started 17 days ago after a few months of playing and research). Today I went for a sixteen minute walk!

Two weeks ago during worship God told me he was going to “give my feet wings!” This songs is hitting home with me big time. You see I am fifty years old, over three hundred pounds, diabetic with neuropathy and have had three toes amputated due to infected blisters. So the idea of running without God would certainly mean the loss of one or both of my feet. But God!! But God!!

Been exercising for seventeen days and no blisters. No issues. No pain in my feet from the neuropathy (if it is even still there). I am convinced beyond convinced that I will run and I will fly and God will be with me.

Say I Won’t!

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