Humorous Skit – Alien Knows Jesus

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So I have this rolling around in my head and I feel like I read something like this somewhere but can’t find and getting this out of my head will be good for me.

So the conversation between some alien who makes first contact.

Bob: Welcome to earth.

Alien: Thanks so much. I have been meaning to stop by but you know how you get busy.

Bob: Tell me about it.

Alex: I know you just got here but maybe you could settle a bet for us.

Alien: Any way I can help.

Alex: Ok so Bob here believes that if life on other planets existed then Jesus must have visited them. I think Jesus was just a good man and would not have visited anywhere outside of the Middle East.

Alien: You mean Jesus, the son of God.

Bob: Yes I do.

Alien: Do I know him. When he comes to town my family is in the rotation to host him for dinner. Such a great guy.

Alex: Jesus. Son of God. Son of Jehovah. And you know him.

Alien: You bet I do.

Alex: And he has visited your planet.

Alien: He visits our planet once every year.

Alex: He does?

Alien: Oh my yes. And it is a huge celebration when he comes. The whole planet turns out. All 1.7 billion of us and somehow he manages to speak with everyone. And near the end of his visit, all those who got sick since his last visit line up and he runs past and high fives them healing. He helped us to wipe out disease and hunger and so many other problems. He even got the surrounding planets to all become our best friends. I mean a guy that great who wouldn’t want to know. And the son of God and yet so humble. Whattaguy.

Alex: I don’t believe it.

Alien: Why doesn’t Jesus visit your planet.

Bob: Well he did once.

Alien: Once. No way. How could he only have visited once?

Bob: It’s the truth.

Alien: Man. I mean. Did something happen when he visited that maybe turned him off?

Bob: Well, um, we did nail him to a tree.




Alien: (puts his hands up and begins to walk backwards towards his ship). Um, listen I gotta be going I just remember I left the oven on.

Bob: Please stay.

Alien: Thanks but I don’t want any trouble. I will just get on board and be on my way.

(Alien turns and runs into his ship and takes off.)

Bob: (Bob turning to Alex) Do you think it was something I said?



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