Patrick Aquilone is a Level 50 Human with skills in Marriage (rank 29) Parenting (rank 25) and Christianity (rank 28), Gaming (rank 40+, both tabletop and video) and a HUGE SciFi Geek (movies/television mostly). He is married to the most amazing woman in the world and has three beautiful/handsome children.

He was born in Denville, a small town in northern New Jersey, and has lived in various locations in New Jersey, New York and Texas. He acquired a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University. Currently, he works in the software development field while also pursuing the building of the Kingdom of God through Altars of Living Stones ministries and being an active and serving member in his local church.

He also likes to dabble in being creative. He has a YouTube channel with his son in which they post anything that they find interesting making it quite the variety of father and son adventures. In support of his geekiness (which he wears on his sleeve) he will often post geek related items on his Christian SciFi Blog. He also likes to try his hand at making tabletop games which you can hop over to Laughing Rain Dancer website and have a look.

Shortly after turning forty, he was diagnosed with being dyslexic which came as a major relief explaining why it was so hard for him to read. However back in the late seventies and early eighties the teachers blew off his honest issues as being a class clown. It was after two of his children were diagnosed and seeing what they were struggling with that he began to put two and two together and seek to find out that he was also dyslexic. Because of this he is a big supporter of the idea that there are no bad kids just bad conditions and a lack of overall understanding.

As mention, he is a passionate geek and games. So when he is not busy with all the things above, he is actually seeking to gathering around a table with a group of family and friends and playing games or watch (either theater or streaming) one of his many fandoms like Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5, Marvel, DC (Arrow, Flash, etc), Stargate, and many more.

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