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Eagle’s Wings

Soaring high as the rising dawn’s light slowly grew
Sailing on massive wings a white tailed eagle flew
Dodging tall purple mountain peaks sprinkled with snow
Racing through clouds carpeting the valley below

Mounting the regal bird sat a woman so fair
Drawing all of creation to hush and to stare
Swirling golden locks paraded down to her waist
Donning a purple trimmed white robe that her form graced

Shining hazel blue eyes and soft tender red lips
Seducing sleek form with a gold sash at her hips
Radiating beauty from her head to her feet
Smirking as the eagle climbed for the sun to greet

Cheering and joyful singing pierced the morning air
Beckoning of a place with filled with love and care
Suddenly the sky filled with the heavenly host
Welcoming her soul home lead by the Holy Ghost

– Written in loving memory of Arla Patterson (1960 – 2019)