Welcome Home

Absent of my body and present before God I could not shake the feeling that I was a fraud Knowing my life paled next to his measuring rod I was nothing but shattered and broken and flawed Immediately my life flashed before my eyes And all that I could see was my family's cries Seeing... Continue Reading →

The Man at the Lake

Divinely inspired vision sprawled out before me Mountains rising tall and stout encompassing thee The deepest blue lake as still as a crystal sea Besieged by large green armies made of grass and tree Luminous white drizzle topped darkened mountain peaks Blue ice crystals danced and glazed up and down my cheeks Brightly falling snow... Continue Reading →

Servant of the King

A dark silhouette appeared crossing the skyline Sporting strange glowing fur inlaid with a gold shine Strikingly scorched face that was cold and dark and fine Stampeding on all fours like a mammoth bovine An ancient enemy coming to steal one’s soul And if it be possible swallow someone whole He had been vanquished before... Continue Reading →

Healing Prayer

My dear I hear tell by both the wind and the air That thy health has been attacked and you aren’t so fair News striking my heart and echoing this to share All of heaven has joined me in a healing prayer Praying that thy flesh would bend to the will of God That leaves... Continue Reading →

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

I find myself knocking on heaven's door Begging to see my brother just once more One more time to tell him that I love him One more time to wrap my arms around him One more time to hear his voice dance on air One more time at him to just sit and share On... Continue Reading →


There is told a tale of a fetching belle, Who lived on a mountain under a spell Cast on her heart before she could recall, Scattering it to pieces way too small. She ever felt lonely and set apart, For who loves one with a hole for a heart? But this spell was not without a loophole.... Continue Reading →

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